Knock Down &

Want a new home and you love where you live?

A knockdown and rebuild may be the answer
With LBD it’s easier and more affordable than any other builders.

How Knock Down Rebuild Works?

KDR process varies depending on the scale of demolition involved and council conditions (like covenants, easements and design overlays) on the land.

LBD is specialised in knockdown and rebuild projects . We can guide you through the entire process from site inspection to demolition and construction, Handover and maintenance. We also have access to accredited demolition teams and a comprehensive understanding of local council permit and infrastructure requirements.

Our Process

Stage 1: Site Inspection
  • Site Inspection is the first step in the process to review all aspects of your knockdown rebuild project and not limited to below,
  • Utilitiesconnection locations,
  • Overhead power lines and permits requirements,
  • Location trees and vegetation
  • Neighbouring properties,
  • Traffic management requirements,
  • Site Survey

  • Soil Test

  • Easements and Setbacks

Outcomes of this site inspection can impact the type, size and orientation of your new home, determine additional permit requirements and provide an estimate on the site works costs involved.

Stage 2: Choose Your Design
  • Bring your own design or select from our 100’s of beautiful designs.
  • Stage 3: Quotation
  • Get a fixed cost quotation
  • Stage 4: Contract
  • Once you are happy with your quote, drawings and colour selections you are ready for contract signing to lock in your build plan and price.
  • Stage 5: Demolition
  • After all the services have been removed from your site, we will start demolition of all structures and remove all debris, waste and materials from your home site.
  • Stage 6: Start Construction
  • Your new home construction begins.
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